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Life at Strategy Lens is full of music. Every month we select a few songs that are popular at the RF Business Hub and those that get the most votes get a place at our hall of fame! You can get a sneak peek of the music trending this month at our offices below.
Strategy Lens - Hot Desk
A typical Hot Desk at the Hub

What it's like
Working with us is all about learning and developing new skills. We invest heavily in training our people regardless of grade and maintain long standing relationships with leading academic institutions and professional bodies around the globe. What drives us most is our desire to enhance our understanding of the dynamics that govern the industries we focus on and to develop the skills that allow us to excel at what we do. The culture in the office is one of collaboration and fun with the exchange of ideas and experiences being at the forefront of life at the Hub.
Our Team
We may have rather high standards when it comes to our people selection process but we feel that this is necessary so as to create the right team for the job. Our people is what makes Strategy Lens a great place to work for and we like to spoil all members of the team as much as we can. This means offering above market rates remuneration packages and most importantly a work environment designed for professional growth and equipped with automation technologies and services that are second to none.

Preparing for our Recruitment Process

At Strategy Lens we believe in meritocracy. Candidates applying for a role with us should expect a rigorous multistage recruitment process comprising various assessment tests and exercises. Preparation is key for achieving high performance during testing and for presenting the best possible version of your professional profile and skills during the various stages of the process.

Strategy Lens - Recruitment
Aptitude Testing
Aptitude Tests
As part of our candidate assessment process candidates may be required to take one or more aptitude test. These tests are designed to evaluate not only skills that are required for a particular position but also the candidate's overall alignment with our values and business ethics.
Candidates who have been invited to an interview should demonstrate a genuine interest in Strategy Consulting and a balanced understanding of our business, the services we provide and the position they have applied for. Candidates interviewing for a consulting role should expect case study and scenario analysis excercises as part of the interview process.