One team,
countless possibilities!

One team, many disciplines

Strategy Lens is a strategy consulting outfit. Our work revolves around requests from entrepreneurs, who are looking for ways to improve their business, and our ability to respond to these requests. Our solutions leverage our insights and industry expertise, are substansiated by quantitative and qualitative analysis, and are materialised through tightly scheduled and budgeted programs.

We are characterized by intellectual curiosity and a wide and diverse range of interests. We are the people that spend hours on Wikipedia, argue about art, dream of the next crooked grind, sweat on the tennis court, or over a chess board... Routine work does not agree with us and that is why we do what we do. Every project we embark on is a new challenge with unique requirements and unique opportunities for professional development. Our work commands expert skills in market research, modelling, creative writing, design, programming, and, more often than not, a combination of the former. The only constant in our life as strategy consultants is our devotion to our clients' needs.

Our people specialise in at least one of the following distinct disciplines:


Market analysis

We map the field of action!

An important first step towards launching a new business or a new product is to identify and evaluate the market we want to enter. Among other tasks, we explore the size and the segmentation of the market, any barriers to entry, future growth prospects, the type of competition, and the distinctive features of competitors. We then deliver quantitative assessment reports for all relevant metrics, and we identify the market segments where we believe most business opportunities lie.


We compete for a place in the customer's mind!

We demonstrate the attributes that differentiate the product or business of our client, and we make sure that the marketing strategy that we develop will showcase these attributes, and will establish a brand image and identity in the mind of the customers, that points to the fulfilment of their expectations.

Brand awareness

We get our clients close to theirs!

At first, we define a solid brand strategy for the business, ensuring that their defining traits are prevalent in every aspect that comprises their public image, from logos and watermarks to customer experience. Then, we design the optimal strategy to increase brand awareness in the target market, by proposing and implementing a mix of advertising, promotional material, and online presence.



We harness uncertainty!

We develop dynamic predictive models that take multiple uncertainty-inducing parameters into account. We model for multiple scenarios to allow for flexibility and responsiveness to received feedback. Aided by an assembly of tried and proven methodologies and high-end software, we produce fully quantitative, transparent and responsible conclusions. Our modeling also extends to operations and processes where we define KPIs and identify optimization points as part of process reengineering.

Risk and Financial analysis

Working the numbers!

We develop and apply financial models that allow us to assist our clients in their ventures. Our in-depth knowledge of financial instruments and markets allows us to participate and assist in negotiations with financial institutions for the benefit of our clients and to devise fund raising strategies to acquire the capital required. When required, we also get involved in European Subsidization Programs which means that we are always up to date with current projects.

Project management

Everything in the right place!

We analyze the goals, the cost, the available funds and the timeframe of each project, and upon that we deliver a tightly budgeted and scheduled implementation plan. We make sure to prioritise the most important tasks in terms of value-adding potential, and also to provide tools that will allow us to track and assess the progress of the project


Technology architecture

Building steady foundations!

We work closely with our clients and define the technology architecture that will best serve their current needs and future aspirations. We are up to date with all major technological developments in our industries of operation and have no vendor affiliations. This means that when we are tasked with selecting the appropriate infrastructure for our clients, we are unaffected by any seasonal vendor trends. Our emphasis is on our clients’ particular needs and how these may be fulfilled by available technology.

Deploying Infrastructure

Make the most of your resources!

We possess the domain expertise that allows us to design and configure selected infrastructure according to our clients’ specific needs and according to global best practices. We design and deploy technology environments, ranging from rudimentary set ups appropriate for single person businesses, all the way up to complex multiservice and multisite enterprise grade set ups. We hold certifications in the design and management of enterprise grade systems and specialize in setting up and configuring infrastructure servers such as Domain Controllers, Mail Servers, File Servers, Web Servers, and Back Up Servers and their respective off-the-shelf applications. Furthermore, we are network architects and specialize in setting up networking appliances such as Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Access Points, Wireless Lan Controllers, Voice Gateways, and Load Balancers.

Application development

We develop custom technology products!

We employ world-class application development principles and best practices to develop original ERP applications that are tailored to the needs and capabilities of our clients. Depending on the scale and requirements of each project, we select the technology that will allow us to offer the features and functionality that large multinational corporations pay millions to enjoy. Our services don't stop at delivery. We also train the users on the systems we design and offer technical support where requested.

Always on the cutting edge!

We never stop learning

We invest heavily in training our people and we maintain long standing relationships with leading academic institutions and professional bodies around the globe.

We seek out and internalise all the latest developments in our areas of interest, and we develop the skills required for delivering top end professional services.

We believe in meritocracy

Meritocracy is a key value for the firm since day one. At the recruitment stage we select and promote only the applicants that excel in the process and demonstrate the professional ethos that we expect.

In our everyday life we employ a rigorous performance evaluation paradigm which allows us to enhance and expand our skills, and reward employees according to their performance and contribution to the business.

Every detail counts

Diligence is an integral part of our brand. In our work we prepare and deliver solutions that have a critical impact on the prosperity of our clients. As such only the deliverables that meet our rigorous quality standards ever reach our clients.

We focus on doing things right the first time. We achieve this by adhering to a strict set of principles and applying methodologies that have been tried and tested for many years.

We work passionately

We love our work, and we devote all the time that is required to produce deliverables worthy of our clients’ expectations and the Strategy Lens brand.

We view potential obstacles as learning opportunities, and we don't stop trying until we find the most elegant and efficient solution to the challenge at hand.

We invest in excellence

Our success relies on the quality and level of satisfaction of our team. With this in mind, we provide work conditions that are second to none.

Our remuneration packages and benefits are above par, the equipment and infrastructure we use is according to the highest quality standards, and we offer structured career development paths that exceed the aspirations of our people.

Show us what you got!

Strategy Lens is an equal opportunities employer. Our team comprises professionals who excel in their field regardless of color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, or financial background. This principle governs not only our recruitment process, but also our work environment and working conditions. With this in mind, we have developed and employ recruitment methodologies that allow us to detect the most talented candidates and invite them to join our team.

To succeed in our recruitment process you need to be very well prepared.

Assessment tests

As part of our recruitment process candidates should expect multiple performance evaluation tests. The goal of these tests is not only to help us form an idea of your skills and competences but to also give you an overview of the types of skills that are required to succeed in our business.

To succeed in our assessment tests make sure to prepare as thoroughly as you can. Look for clues on what will be required according to the description of the role you are applying for. Brush up on your academic and professional knowledge and do not underestimate the complexity or difficulty of the tests.


Candidates who reach the interview stage are expected to demonstrate a genuine interest in our business and adequate understanding of the role they are applying for. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the field of strategy consulting, as well as our particular service offering.

Depending on the role you are applying for, your interview may include case studies or other exercises designed to present you with the challenges you will be asked to tackle. It is important to be honest and confident without trying to oversell or undersell yourself. Just be yourself!

Get on board!

At Strategy Lens we operate a highly structured internships program that has been specifically designed as an entry point to full time employment. Similar to our business structure the program has two streams one for each department. Interns who join the Consulting stream will be considered for a full time position with the department of Consulting Excellence and likewise interns joining the Supporting Services stream will be considered for a position with the Department of Supporting Services.

Barring exceptional cases, our internships program is the only way to go for anyone who wants to join our team.

Review the overview of our program in our internships brochure!

Frequently asked questions:

Are these internships for students?

Our internships programs are for recent graduates as well as for students. If you are a student, however, you will need to first get approval from your university before applying for a position.

Is this a paid program?

Students who successfully get recruited through their university receive a stipend from their academic institution. Recent graduates who enter the program receive a symbolic monthly compensation that is approximately equal to that stipend. Furthermore, graduates have access to our Outstanding Contributions Awards program.

What is the Outstanding Contributions Awards program?

The OCA is a bonus reward structure for employees and graduate interns whose professional performance is above and beyond what is expected of them. It is one of the ways we have for saying thank you for a job well done!

Is your internship program a full-time employment program?

Internships that are sponsored by the department of Consulting Excellence are full-time. Experience teaches us that this is necessary to allow interns to develop the skills required for an organic position. Moreover, as strategy consultants we tend to work long hours, and thus it is crucial for interns to test their fit in as realistic conditions as we can offer.

What sort of equipment is offered to interns?

Our internships program is a Bring Your Own Device program. This means that interns will be using their own laptop. Interns also get a spot at our offices and access to our telephony systems and other services and infrastructure.

I am not a resident of Patras. Do you offer a relocation allowance for the program?

We do not offer a relocation allowance for internship roles. To participate to the program you will need to either be a resident of Patras or be willing to cover any relocation related expenses on your own.

Is an offer for a full-time position guaranteed after the program ends?

The purpose of our internships program is to train and prepare candidates for a full-time role. To this end our internships represent a significant investment in time and resources since they demand the involvement of senior executives. However, just like with every employee, the performance of each intern is regularly assessed and a minimum grade needs to be reached before an offer for a full time role can be placed. Interns who fail to meet our expectations will fail to complete the program and will most probably not be given an offer for a full time role.

Check out our current career opportunities!

As a member of the Rassias Ventures Network, we handle all our recruitment through the Rassias Ventures Work Spot. In this portal we and other associate companies post remarkable career opportunities. The Rassias Ventures Work Spot is a job portal where prospective candidates have the option to create their professional profile free of charge. This allows submitting applications for all openings posted on the platform and ensures early notification for any new careers opportunities posted.

We are currently recruiting for the below listed roles:

SN Position Position Type Applications Status
1 Business Operations Intern Internship Applications are open
2 Strategy Intern Internship Applications are open
3 Technology Intern Internship Applications are open
4 Μηχανικός Λογισμικού Full Time Applications are open