Strategy Lens Internships FAQ

Q: I am confused. These internship programs are they for students or not?
A: Our internships programs are for recent graduates as well as for students. If you are a student, however, you will need to first get approval from your university before applying for a position.

Q: I just saw your site and I am really interested in applying for a position with the program but first I need to know: Is this a paid program?
A: Students who successfully complete our recruitment process and secure a position with our internships program through their university receive a stipend from their academic institution. Recent graduates who enter the program receive a symbolic monthly compensation that is more or less equal to the pay offered to students by their university.

Q: But how is this fair? Graduates have more to offer than students! After all they have successfully completed their studies whereas students have obviously some way to go.
A: It is true that in principle graduates have a more complete skill set than students. We recognize this and for that we give graduates access to our Outstanding Contribution Awards program. Furthermore, our program presents higher levels of flexibility in terms of its duration for graduates. This is to say that the program does not necessarily last the initially planned number of weeks. We are always on the lookout for interns who demonstrate capacity before the program is over and to those interns we present a full time employment offer before the initially scheduled date.

Q: Hey what is this Outstanding Contribution Awards program?
A: The OCA is a bonus structure for employees and graduate interns who demonstrate performance at a level that is above and beyond what is expected of them. It is our way of saying thank you for a job well done. Keep in mind, however, that it is in no way certain that all graduate interns will receive an OCA. This award is a factor of overall job performance.

Q: This internships program is it full time? Is there any flexibility there?
A: Internships with the Department of Consulting Excellence are full-time. Our experience suggests that full time work is essential in allowing our interns to develop the skills that are required before they can move to an organic position within the department in a timely manner. Moreover, as strategy consultants we tend to work long hours and it is very important that interns test their fit, with our line of work, against the conditions that they will face when they enter the business in a permanent role. Internships with the Department of Supporting Services can be part time. However, as a consequence to a reduced work day the overall duration of the program will be significantly extended.

Q: What sort of equipment do you offer to your interns? Do I need to have a computer or is one supplied by the firm? Will I get a desk?
A: Our internships program is a Bring your Own Device program. This means that interns will need to bring their own laptop to work. However, if a candidate has been selected for an internship and does not possess a laptop then we will offer access to one of our devices for the duration of the program. Also, interns get a spot at our offices together with access to our telephony systems same as all our employees.

Q: I am interested in joinning the program but I do not live in Patras. Do you offer relocation allowance?
A: We do not offer relocation allowance for internship roles. You will need to be a resident of Patras to join the program or be willing to cover any relocation related expenses on your own.