Welcome to Strategy Lens!

Founded in the year 2016, Strategy Lens is a privately held strategy consulting outfit based in Hellas (Greece) that serves clients in the European Union. We are a team of people passionate about business and strategy and determined to provide the best possible service to our clients.
Who we are
Our team comprises professionals who have excelled in their academic careers and combine experience from consulting work and senior positions in the industry. The firm was founded by, our current Chief Strategist, Stathis Rassias, who prior to founding Strategy Lens advised multinational companies in FMCG and Financial Services on complex strategy issues.
What we do
At Strategy Lens we support organizations of mid to low capitalization throughout all the stages of the strategy process. This involves supporting the initial inception and definition of the core business objective, implementing the agreed upon strategy and evaluating the actual business impact after delivery.
At the core of our service offering is the belief that each organization is unique and hence requires a unique solution. In our view when it comes to strategy there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. We analyze and evaluate the dynamics of each client together with their particular business requirements and identify and deliver action plans that fit seamlessly with their particular characteristics.
How we do it
Our solutions leverage and invoke all the elements that define modern business. As such our services are informed by technology, human capital, policy, environmental and market dynamics at a local, national and international level. To facilitate these diverse aspects of strategy development our solutions are the product of multidisciplinary teams that involve experts in each of the above mentioned fields.