Make it Happen!

Our Start Ups service line addresses the needs of entrepreneurs and visionaries who are about to embark on a new business venture. We design and deliver strategies that allow our clients to make their vision reality covering the following key steps of the business formation process:

Testing the concept
We support the process of assessing the feasibility and viability of the initial business idea. Working closely with the entrepreneur we analyze the core proposition against current market dynamics and trends and provision strategies to tackle potential issues or evade pitfalls that may be lurking along the way.

Structuring the business
In the Structuring Stream we define an actual business structure that would allow the idea of the entrepreneur to take flesh and bones in the market place. We evaluate potential operating models identifying and proposing those that fit best with the entrepreneur’s ambitions. Our focus here is to create a solid foundation upon which the business can evolve and grow.

Financing the venture
We support the entrepreneur’s effort of gathering required financing to realize his or her vision. More specifically, we provide assistance in the preparation of reports and presentations as well as the scheduling of meetings with potential investors. Also, through our Strategy Lens Red Capital program we participate in the venture as investors.

Managing the back office
To give our clients a better fighting chance during the first steps of their new venture, we free them from the burden of managing back office operations. We support core administrative tasks involved in running a business in an outsourcing fashion. This gives the entrepreneur the opportunity to focus all of his or her efforts and resources on what he or she does best.