Steady on your Own Two Feet!

Our Business Recovery service line focuses on assisting established business that are troubled by below par performance and aim to effect a turnaround. We support this effort through three core service streams.

The retrenchment stream
The retrenchment stream focuses on providing the breathing space that is necessary to allow our clients to plan for the actual recovery. We analyze current business processes and identify all the non-critical operations that can be reduced or eliminated to achieve cost savings. We reduce overall operating costs while at the same time ensure that there will be minimal impact on the core business offering. Furthermore within this stream we support our clients during negotiations with financial institutions with a focus on improving current financing conditions.

The recovery stream
The recovery stream focuses on empowering the core of the business and on increasing overall efficiency to improve revenue streams. In this stream we redesign existing operations to make them leaner and more efficient. Also within this stream we support the planning and delivery of divestiture projects that aim at removing business units or assets that present a burden to overall operations.

The renewal stream
At the renewal stream we focus on investing in new processes so as to enhance our client's overall market position and build the foundations for future growth. For this stream the focus is on the external environment so as to identify the optimal position that the newly recovered business should occupy in the market place in order to prepare for future growth.