Manage Uncertainty!

Our Major Projects service line supports organizations faced with projects characterized by increased risk due to their high cost, high complexity and uncertain impact to current business operations. Within this service line we deliver results through the following pillars:

The project analysis pillar
At the analysis pillar we evaluate and analyze the dynamics of the project and its potential impact on existing operations. We perform a feasibility analysis testing its overall scope, its viability and how it may affect the business during and after implementation. Our analysis offers a quantification of such effects and a roadmap with steps that should be taken to manage these issues as they manifest.

The project deployment pillar
At the deployment pillar we support the actual implementation of the project. This would typically involve supporting the project management office and also enhancing various business functions and departments that may seem unrelated but are in fact affected by the project. The aim is to increase the efficiency of project related tasks and minimize and manage potential disturbance to existing operations.

The project integration pillar
At the integration pillar we assess the actual impact that the project has on the business post implementation and ensure that our clients get the full benefit as expected.