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At Strategy Lens our focus is on serving clients who are currently active or have a vision to get involved in either the food and beverages or the hospitality industries. We focus in these industries for three reasons. Firstly, it is within these industries that our expertise lies. Secondly, we believe that these industries are to an extent complementary to each other and if one wants to master one he or she needs to in fact master both. Finally, we focus on these industries because they intrigue us more than any other.
Our offering
In both industries we cover and support the full spectrum of business operations regardless of the sector our clients operate in or their degree of vertical integration. In fact we are ideally positioned to serve clients who adopt a model of full vertical integration or are looking to expand their operations in such a manner.
Our extensive experience in serving clients in our industries of focus coupled with our in depth knowledge of the dynamics of these industries allow us to provide support on a very wide spectrum of issues starting from the initial design or redefinition and empowerment of the production process all the way up to the optimal branding and financial strategy.
Our clients
Within the Food and Beverages industry we support all kinds of businesses from fisheries to wineries, breweries and farmers. On the other hand within the hospitality industry we support a very wide spectrum of business from hotels, restaurants and bars to rental and charter offices.