Architects for Growth!

Our Business Architecture service line focuses on assisting our clients introduce new products or services to their production line or redefine their business model in order to enhance their overall alignment with the ever changing business environment. We provide solutions that focus on efficiency and resiliency and are informed by the specific dynamics of each client.
Process Architecture
Our focus in Business Architecture is on process. We provide end to end solutions that result in the foundation of new business units or the transformation of the existing business as a whole. Our solutions offer a very detailed map of the new structure including the definition and analysis of the core processes that will govern the new structure and the resources and assets involved. These solutions are coupled with a detailed implementation roadmap for realizing the new structure.
Realising the new design
Besides providing an analysis of the redefined business we support all stages of the actual deployment of the solution.  This may involve providing support in the tender process for acquiring new assets, supporting the recruitment of new personnel or managing the process of getting permits and financing for the new business units. Depending on the scale and complexity of the solution we also design and provide simple line of business applications that integrate with the existing adopted technology. Finally to further enhance the transition to the new paradigm we provide systematic training to all executives and personnel involved in or affected by the new structure.